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So the other day, I got a ReTweet by the organization Drop 4 Drop. This is a big fucking deal to me for many reasons. I mention the group about three times a day because it is so amazing. I love it so much, I will tell you about it.

So many countries around the world do not have clean water. The same water that is used to go to the bathroom in, is the same used to wash, and it is the same that they drink. This causes people to get very sick, and most to be born with birth defects if not die. It takes £1 (or $1.50) to give one person clean water for life. That's all. We pay more than that for just a single bottle of water for ourselves.

People in the US don't know enough about the organization and they should. Especially since tax season is coming up. Tax season, for most Americans, means refund season as well. So, I ask of you, with the little bit you get back, why not donate some of your refund check as well? Especially to something like this. Every little bit counts.

Also, why the fuck aren't you following me on Twitter? @THE_Redux (Twitter name provided by the one and only Alice Ripley.)
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