Fallout 4?

Dec. 3rd, 2015 02:39 pm
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Is there life after starting Fallout 4?

What is life?

What is anything anymore?

1) Shash and I have been sluggish in doing the remaining episodes of Minor Incidents. We both want to get back to it so very much. However, shit keeps coming up. We were going to try for this week, but I now have a bloody cold. SRSLY?!

2) Doctor says I have extensive nerve damage and my arthritis is what ails me. Makes sense. Nothing I wasn't expecting. I'm just too young for it, TBH.

3) I spent 2 hours copying GIFs to a flash drive so I can have them for my Chromebook. I really think it was a good usage of my time and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

4) I was matched up with my Prevent group and got my scale and stuff. In my group is someone in my department that I'm friends with. I'm totally thrilled. I wish it was another person in my department, but at least it's this one.

5) Christmas is only a few weeks away and I have only one more payday until it gets here. The girls are pretty much done, but I just have my friends left to tend to. I have no idea what to get them either.

I feel like I'm running out of time.
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