Jul. 25th, 2017 03:10 am
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So, my brother, nephew, and I went to visit my grandmother on Saturday. It's been 21 years since she's seen him and she's obviously never met my nephew. She was so was adorable. She wouldn't stop crying or anything. She ordered 32 pieces of chicken for 6 people (including 2 boys that are only 13) as well as 2 quarts of potato salad for 6 people. I don't think she knows how much people eat. Luckily I was able to bring it home. lol.

My nephew and I also got a chance to bond and talk about gaming and YouTube. We watch a lot of the same people. We play a lot of the same games. It was awesome. His birthday is also two days before mine. Which is adorable. I can't wait to buy him stuff.

Oh, I'm also 29 now. So. Yeah.

I'm feeling a lot better mentally. I need to do some patching with my other brother because he wanted to be a jerk (the brother who wanted to go this Saturday as a whole). I think I'll get the better of him though. We'll work it out.

In completely other news, Photobucket is holding people's pictures ransom. Literally. That's why you see the tiny pictures that aren't actually my mood settings. I have to re-upload and re-code. It pisses me off as well as a lot of other people who are having the same issue with Photobucket. People are not happy. Srsly not happy.

If anyone has any suggestions to another site where I can host my very tiny pictures and am able to quickly and efficiently access them, please let me know. I don't see any picture hosting options here on DW as I did with LJ, but maybe I'm missing something (I'm probably missing something).
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The other day, I went over my brother's girlfriend's house to hang out with him, the first time we've actually spent more than two minutes together in the past 20 years...only because I couldn't find them.

It went so well. I had a photo album, a full piggy bank, and a manila envelope. All the grandkids (there are 7 in total) got the first two. Billy and Tony (my brothers) were the only ones to get the last one. Therefore, I didn't know what was in it.

Billy slowly opened the yellowed tan envelope and peered inside. He removed the contents, an Exxon patch from my grandfather's old uniform tumbling out along with all the birthday and Christmas cards they were never given as a child, but my grandmother kept for this very reason. There were a few pictures that she just forgot/didn't put in the book.

Then there were unopened birthday cards. The cards spanned from when he was about 13 to when he was 20. Opening each slowly, a dollar tumbled out of each, and he read the inscription held within the cover. They were updates on the year prior that she was going to give him "just in case she saw him". She didn't when she was writing those cards.

She will next Saturday though. She thinks I'm coming on my lonesome. However, I'm bringing both brothers with me. I plan to tape it. I plan to keep it for years. I plan to spend more time with them. Plan to get to know and spoil my nephew (1 from my brother Tony). makes me so happy. I mean, I'm still wickedly depressed, but this is so good.
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Look! I did it! I was semi-productive. I installed my GIF Roslin Theme!

Oh how I've missed you, Madam President.

Also, totally had a breakdown at work, like I thought I would. However, it wasn't over what I thought it would be. My brothers' mother (not mine, we share the same father) called me during business hours. Like...what?! First of all, no one in the fam wants anything to do with you because you ruined your sons' lives. Like...totally fucked. One has deep seeded anger issues stemming from her not telling the other brother that the man who she had been dating was not his father. Guys, it's so seriously fucked up. She just said some wild, random shit and ended it with "don't tell them I talked to you". Which I found really fucking weird.

So, I texted my brother (because fuck that bitch) and I laid everything out. There was never a time where he nor my other brother weren't wanted. Whether it be myself or my grandfather (my father dying before I was born that started this whole mess). They were always wanted. There's just...stuff that their mother told them or led them to believe that is such horseshit. Like...they're so fucked up emotionally because of all this. All the lies their mother laid out.

So, my brother (the younger of my two older brothers) and I are going to meet up at his house tomorrow to go through pictures and stuff. We're going to talk things out. It feels really nice to have a brother again. It's been about 25 years since I was with them on some sort of brother/sister level and we're going to try to get back to where we once were.

It's a really weird feeling. A good feeling, but still weird.

It's something I needed right now, put it that way.


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